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Portable Weather Monitoring Software


It is a small weather monitoring utility that sit comfortably in your Windows Taskbar Icon tray that tells you the weather condition and temperature of your chosen geographical area. Very useful for those office users who just want to know what happening outside!

It extracts the weather information from Yahoo! Weather.


Screen shot

Portable Weather Monitoring Software Screenshot



No installation is needed. Just download and saves the executable file into your desktop or any other directories of your choice.

Starting the Utility

Double-click the executable to run the utility. Upon start up, it will extract the weather information of the geographical area that are preset during release. The mouse cursor will change to the hour-glass (system busy) type when extracting information from Internet. There is no need to set proxy if you are behind one, as it make use of the proxy setting uses by your browser. You can change your proxy setting using the "Internet Options" in the "Control Panel".

Changing Geographical Area

To change to a geographical area of your choice, click the menu "Options"->"Change URL" to open the "Change URL" dialog box. Cut-and-paste your new URL in the "New URL" text-box field and click the "OK" button. If you change your mind about changing the new URL, just click the "Cancel" button to close the dialog and nothing is changed.

Sample URL of Major Cities

Below is some URL of a few major cities which you can uses straight away (Right-click your mouse and click "Copy link location" if your browser is FireFox or click "Copy shortcut" if Internet Explorer is used). To know which URL to uses for other cities, you need to check using Yahoo! Weather.

Changing Update Time Interval

You can change the time interval in which the utility fetch the weather information from the Internet. The default is 30 minutes in-between update. But you can choose 15 minutes or a longer 60 minutes interval. To change the time interval, click the menu "Options" -> "Update Interval" to open a Pop-up menu when you can click your preferred choice.

If you want to extract the weather information immediately before the next scheduled update, click the menu "Action"->"Update Now". The utility will extract information from Internet immediately. You will notice that the mouse cursor is change to "hour-glass" (system busy) type during the download.

Saving User Setting

The utility is able to remember the setting you made, and there is no further needs for you to set it when you next run the utility.

Automatic Startup

If you want the utility to automatically startup when you next login to Windows(TM), you can place a shortcut of PicoWeather at Windows(TM) "Start Menu" -> "Programs" -> "Startup" menu. You can do this by clicking Windows(TM) "Start Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Taskbar and Start Menu".