For all your free portable software needs ... NO INSTALLATION. NO HASSLE. IT JUST WORKS.

Free Portable Software!

Picofactory provides free portable software that need no installation, simply download and start using it immediately. For those of you that are in a restricted corporate computing environment and do not have administrator privilege, you'll be delighted to know that our software does not need administrator privilege for you to use.

We take extra care in ensuring that our software do not consume too much system resources like memory and CPU time. If you have been haunted by large, bloated and inefficient software, then our free download site is just for you!

If you are a notebook user, it even more compelling for you to use our software as they help you use your computer longer on a single battery charge.

We guarantee that our software are:

Portable/No InstallationYes
Single Executable FileYes
No Spyware, Adware Malware, Trojan horse and VirusYes
Compact file sizeYes
No alteration of System filesYes
No need for administrator privilegesYes
No files are saved in the "Windows" directoryYes
Minimal usage of RegistryYes
No HassleYes

News Flash

4 Mar 2009 - Fixed our Sticky Note so that it'll saves your sticky notes on your removable drive if you are using one. You can now choose to automatic start Sticky Note by selecting the "Start with Windows" menu option instead of manually creating a short-cut in the Windows Startup Folder.

18 Feb 2009 - We finally fixed our Currency Converter so that it works with the new data format from Yahoo! Finance.

29 Oct 2006 - If you need to do measurement conversion, you can try our Unit Converter which we are releasing today! It is a powerful unit converter utility, that can convert more than 1,600 various units of measure in 26 categories and can detect if you're running from your USB thumbdrive! All in a compact size of only 31KB! Read more.

24 Oct 2006 - Fixed a bug on PicoXT, the latest version is 0.1.1.

21 Sep 2005 - For the past 3 months, our personal commitment have occupied most of our time. Hence, we are not able to develop useful software for you. But, as of today, our coding factory is back in operation again! Be sure to check for our new software release soon!

21 Sep 2005 - WOW! Our PicoCrypt have hit more than 10,000 download, from our server alone, since the first version was released! We would like to thank you for your continue support.

13 Sep 2005 - We have added sponsors' advertisement on our website. We hope our users will find the highly relevant advertisement, powered by Google(tm) AdSense, a helpful secondary source of information. We have place the advertisement on the right to prevent it from cuttering the site and reduce your surfing experience here. Thanks for your support!

29 Aug 2005 - A lot of our PicoCrypt's users have feedback valuable suggestion to us. To show our appreciation of your feedback, we are pleased to announce that we have done a minor upgrade version 0.1.1 of PicoCrypt. You can check the new features here. Once again, we thanks you for your valuable suggestions!

24 Jun 2005 - How time fly! Another week has passed. Today we are going to present something that have much sentimental values to us. It bring back many fond memories of the past. It none other than the IBM PC-XT(tm) emulator! We had name it PicoXT. We hoped that those who have played and enjoyed this wonderful microcomputer during the 1980s will like it.

18 Jun 2005 - Today our internet link was down again for a couple of times each last between one to four hours! We are very sorry if you have encountered any inconvenience during this outrage. Thanks you for supporting us.

17 Jun 2005 - It have been another busy week for us! Here is what we have for you this week, PicoCrypt (v0.1.0), a small (13,312 bytes) and extremely fast encryption utility. If you always have been wanted to keep your document secure but are too lazy or found it a hassle, then from now onwards, it no longer an excuse for not encrypting your confidential documents. PicoCrypt is so small and portable that you can bring it on your USB memory stick wherever you go.

10 Jun 2005 - We are proud to present our PicoStick (v0.1.0) today! It a small sticky note utility, easy to use, with striking color that stand out among your other application. And the best is it will not clutter your computer screen at all. It supports Asian language input too. No installation, just download and run. Try it to see for yourself now!

07 Jun 2005 - Our PicoWeather has been resurrected on Win95/98 platform! You can download it immediately here.

06 Jun 2005 - As promised, we have just fixed the bug that has caused our Currency Converter not able to run on Win95/98 platform. The latest bug fixed version is 0.1.1 and it even smaller then the previous version at only 8704 bytes! You can download it immediately here.

03 Jun 2005 - Need a currency converter that can tells you the domestic price of an ebay auction goodies? Or check out the hotel rate of your next plan vacation? Or want to know the latest value of your overseas stock portfolio? Then Currency Converter (v0.1.0) is just for you! We have just release it hot from our coding oven today! Check it out!

26 May 2005 - Offer our first software utility, PicoWeather (v0.1.0), for download! It is a small weather monitoring utility that sit comfortably in your Windows Taskbar Icon tray that tells you the weather condition and temperature of your chosen geographical area. Very useful for those office users who just want to know what happening outside!

25 Apr 2005 - Setup Internet Web-site.

29 Apr 2004 - Purchase domain name.